With a fine stretch of sandy beach ringed by luxurious condominiums, ‘DB’ is a dormitory suburb on Lantau’s northeastern coast for professionals who commute to Central. There is no pressing need to visit except to ogle at residents in their converted golf carts, which cost HK$200,000 a pop, or perhaps to eat dinner and watch the nightly Disneyland fireworks, visible across the water.

There are a handful of decent restaurants in Discovery Bay Plaza (愉景灣廣場), just up from the ferry pier and the central plaza. The 27-hole Discovery Bay Golf Club is perched in the hills to the southwest.

Buses make the run to and from Tung Chung and the airport at Chek Lap Kok via the Discovery Bay Tunnel and the North Lantau Hwy. A trail leading from the golf course will take you down to Silvermine Bay and the rest of Lantau in a couple of hours.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Lantau attractions

1. Trappist Monastery

1.02 MILES

Northeast of Mui Wo and south of Discovery Bay is the Roman Catholic Lady of Joy Abbey, better known as the Trappist Monastery. The Trappists gained a…

2. Tung Wan

1.73 MILES

The water at the otherwise pleasant Tung Wan beach, a five-minute walk from the ferry pier, is too dirty for swimming and is not served by lifeguards, but…

3. Silvermine Bay Beach

1.97 MILES

Just east of Mui Wo town, Silvermine Bay beach is a popular spot for day trippers. The long, wide beach fringed by houses and a few small hotels is not…

4. Butterfly Hill Watchtower

2.19 MILES

This granite watchtower was built in the late 19th century for defence against pirates, and now makes for a scenic ruin.

5. Silvermine Waterfall


If time allows, hike from Mui Wo town to Silvermine Waterfall (銀礦瀑布), near the old Silvermine Cave northwest of town (the cave was mined for silver in the…

6. Hong Kong Disneyland

2.34 MILES

Disneyland serves as a rite of passage for the flocks of Asian tourists who come daily to steal a glimpse of one of America’s most famous cultural exports…

7. Mui Wo

2.39 MILES

Mui Wo (Plum Nest) was Lantau’s largest settlement before Tung Chung was born. Today this sleepy town functions as a shopping, eating and transport hub…

8. Luk Tei Tong Watchtower

2.48 MILES

Once a fortification against pirates, this 19th-century tower makes for a photogenic ruin, with vines bursting forth from its windows.