10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Temple in Sha Tin
Image by Huw Jones / Getty Images

Built in the 1950s, this quirky temple actually contains more than 10,000 Buddhas. Some 12,800 miniature statues line the walls of the main temple and dozens of life-sized golden statues of Buddha’s followers flank the steep steps leading to the complex. There are several halls and pavilions, as well as a nine-storey pagoda. It's kitsch but so unlike any other temple in Hong Kong that it's worth the uphill hike to visit.

The temple is about 500m northwest of Sha Tin MTR station. To reach it, take exit B at the MTR station and walk down the ramp, passing a series of traditional houses at Pai Tau village on the left. Take the left onto Pai Tau St, and turn right onto Sheung Wo Che St. At the end of this road, a series of signs in English will direct you to the left along a concrete path and through bamboo groves to the first of some 400 steps leading up to the temple.