Ap Lei Chau

Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

Ap Lei Chau retains some of its sleepy charm despite developments spurred by the opening of the South Island MTR line. There are shipyards along its shore, warehouses in the south around Horizon Plaza, low-rise homes, gritty public housing built in the '70s and '80s to rehouse the boat-dwelling community, and dozens of newly built gleaming high-rises to exploit the 'sea view' premium. Around Ap Lei Chau Main St you'll find machinery workshops, seafood galore and the highly recommended Cooked Food Centre.

Ap Lei Chau is served by the South Horizons and Lei Tung stations.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island attractions

1. Hung Shing Temple

0.29 MILES

Renovated many times since it was built in 1773 by local fishermen, Ap Lei Chau's major temple is dedicated to Hung Shing, the protector of seafarers. Its…

2. Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade


Directly facing Aberdeen Promenade across the typhoon shelter, Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade is where commuter ferries from Aberdeen stop. People in…

3. Tin Hau Temple

0.46 MILES

Caught between a church and the thoroughfare, this temple has an eclectic deity collection, two moon gates and hovering incense coils. The stone columns,…

4. Aberdeen Promenade

0.46 MILES

Tree-lined Aberdeen Promenade runs from west to east on Aberdeen Praya Rd across the water from Ap Lei Chau. On its western end is sprawling Aberdeen…

5. Old Aberdeen Police Station

0.51 MILES

Warehouse Teenage Club (蒲窩青少年中心) occupies this charming red-brick building that used to be the Aberdeen Police Station. Built in 1891 on a hill rising on…

6. Aberdeen Downtown

0.51 MILES

Downtown Aberdeen's minibus-thronged streets may seem little different from other small suburban towns in Hong Kong. But dried seafood shops are in…

7. Empty Gallery

0.75 MILES

Empty Gallery exhibits over 420 sq m of black-box space close to the Aberdeen Harbour, favouring experimental works of established and emerging artists…

8. de Sarthe

0.77 MILES

The 900 sq m de Sarthe Gallery takes up the 20th floor of a new office block. The French gallery has exhibited an array of Western and Asia artists, from…