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Héběi offers the ideal chance to disengage from Běijīng’s modernity and frantic urban tempo, and experience a more timeless China without having to travel too far. Wander through ancient settlements and walled towns, skirt the wild edges of the former Manchuria and journey to the majestic 18th-century summer retreat of the Qing emperors in Chéngdé.

There are temples to explore, rarely visited stretches of the Great Wall and remote towns and villages whose ancient rhythms and rural seclusion make them the perfect retreats for those prepared to venture slightly off the beaten track.

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$73 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Day Trip to Cuandixia Village from Beijing

Your guide will meet you in your centrally located hotel in Beijing at 9:00am You will start your tour by driving to the Cuandixia Village. It takes about 2.5 hours to arrive the village. It is located on ancient post road roughly 55 miles northwest from central Beijing in the Jingxi mountain region. On the way to the village you will enjoy the beautiful mountain and countryside scenery. Cuandixia Village contains around 70 courtyard homes, which gently climb the slopes of a mountain, built by a family who migrated from Shanxi province more than 400 years ago. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the road that led through the mountains to the provinces of Hebei and Shanxi acted as a trade and passageway. The residents of Cuandixia would open their doors to travelers and serve the passing trade. Over time, the village became forgotten as expressways and train tracks changed the route to the west Lunch in the Local Family restaurant, you will enjoy an authentic countryside style food. You will end your tour around 5PM and transfer back to your centrally located hotel in Beijing.

$90 Outdoor Activities

Private Great Wall Hiking Tour: Across The Border of 3 China Provinces

You set off from our hotel at 8:00 this morning, after about two hours and via the beautiful Jinhai Lake and Yangzhuang Reservoir, the Ming Great Wall rebuilt on the basis of the North Qi and piled up by stones, will come into our sight.(Dating back to 550AD, the North Qi Great Wall has a history of more than 1460 years and stretches mainly from the areas under the administration of Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi provinces. The North Qi Great Wall is seldom seen nowadays. Some sections fortunately remain in its original appearance because they have been rebuilt as the basis of some parts of Ming Great Wall. )Because the wall isn’t in good condition and has not been rebuilt yet, you will have to walk on a path along the wall where you can also feel its turbulent history. Long stand the Great wall through fierce battles over the Chinese history. Along the two sides of the Wall are fruit frees, blooming in spring, luxuriant in summer and fruitful in autumn… The views feature themselves quite differently in the four seasons.After climbing up a mountain path for about 10 minutes, you are beside the original Wall which has been standing for over thousand years. You can touch its skin of wall and feel its soul and spirit. Some three or four hours later, you will reach the highest point of this section of wall - San Jie Bei - literally three boundary tablets. Then after 20 minutes’ walking, a small village in the mountains is approaching where you can try some traditional Chinese home-made delicacies. After lunch, you will return to downtown Beijing and say goodbye to our pleasant journey. This section of the Great Wall is specially appreciated by people who want to see the origin wall and avoid touristic sites.The hiking time is 3-4 hours.

$1806 Cultural & Theme Tours

4-Day Tour of Inner Mongolia in China

Day 1: (L, D)Morning: Visit Xilamuren Grassland (2-hour ride by car) and enjoy a welcoming ceremony upon arrival. Lunch includes Mongolian hand-served mutton.Afternoon: Go horseback riding in the grassland if you wish. Also, visit local herdsman and watch performances of archery and wrestling and horse racing.Overnight accommodation: Luxury Mongolian yurtDay 2: (B, L, D)Morning: Resonant Sand Gorge in Gobi Desert (3.5-hour by car). Stay for 3 hours. You can go sand-sliding, camel riding or participate in any other activity at this destination.Overnight accommodation: Ordos HotelDay 3: (B, L, D)Morning: Tomb of Genghis Khan (travel 1-hour by car) and then return Hohhot (4-hour scenic ride).Hotel: Hohhot Holiday InnDay 4: (B, L)Morning: Visit Da Zhao Monastery, Ming Dynasty,and Mongolian Museum tour. This is the final part of your trip.Return to your your next destination on your own.

$40 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Half Day Tour Harbin ConfucianTemple and Temple of Bliss (Jile Si)

Your guide  will arrive to collect you at your Harbin hotel around 8:30 a.m. Temple of Bliss is your first stop. The temple is surrounded by tall red walls, features a marble ordination altar decorated with elaborate carvings,  Walk through the temple's courtyards.the go to  Harbin Confucian Temple, last stop go to Daotaifu- the Qing dynasty last goverment place in Harbin.Follow your guide to tour the Jile temple in the Harbin, decorated in typical Ming and Qing architecture. and you will see the locals coming to pray.   Harbin Confucian Temple is place for student pray more, and you will Harbin last Qing daynasty govement what is look like, after these we will go eat lunch around these area, at last return to your hotel for drop-off at the end of your tour.

$350 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Transfer to Harbin City from Yabuli Ski Resort

Your friendly driver will meet you in your hotel lobby or your residence in Yabuli at your preferred pick up schedule, and then transfer you directly to Harbin city center, railway station or your Harbin hotel.  Based on the number of person and luggage of your party, and please ensure you choose the right type of vehicle that fits your needs upon booking.  Please note that your driver does not speak English, but he/she knows exactly where to take you to safely. If any questions on the road, you can use the driver's phone to contact the local operator for assistance.

$100 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Harbin Dumpling Cooking Class

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel lobby at 9:30am or afternoon 14:30 depend on you booking time, then go to chinese market to greens, meat,and other food material, you will experience local people life. then go chinese famliy home to cook together, your guide will teach how to make a dumpling by tratitional way, you will enjoy it, and what is family cold dish like and how to cook. lunch or dinner you will enjoy you work with chinese family together.all food material you will purchase with your guide together, make sure every materials are good and fresh.