Guāncǎi Lóu


This residence built in 1931 has a magnificently dilapidated interior with a wealth of original features. Unfortunately it has remained closed to the public in recent years, but the facade can still be enjoyed.

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2. Former Law Court

0.14 MILES

This handsome former court of law is now inhabited by local residents. No public entry.

3. Sanyi Church

0.18 MILES

A red-brick protestant church built in 1934 with a classical portico and cruciform-shaped interior on the corner of Anhai Lu (安海路) and Yongchun Lu (永春路)…

4. Koxinga Memorial Hall

0.18 MILES

Commemorates the life of the charismatic military man who defeated the Dutch East Indies Company in the 17th century. Seven galleries depict Kongxinga…

5. Sunlight Rock Park

0.19 MILES

Sunlight Rock (Rìguāng Yán), in Sunlight Rock Park, is the island’s highest point at 93m and its biggest draw are the views across the island. At the foot…

6. Organ Museum

0.22 MILES

Housed in the highly distinctive Bāguà Lóu (八卦楼) building is the Organ Museum, with a fantastic collection including a Norman & Beard organ from 1909. The…

7. Ecclesia Catholica

0.45 MILES

A magnificent snow-white Gothic-style church built in 1917. Today's its facade is the most popular place on the island for wedding photos and you're sure…

8. Octagonal Villa

0.46 MILES

This is the former family residence of Mr Lin, a prominent Taiwanese tycoon who lived here in the late 19th century.