Jíqìng Lóu


This 600-year-old tǔlóu was built without using a single nail and is still pretty intact. It now houses an exhibition hall.

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Nearby Fujian attractions

1. Haw Par Villa

1.28 MILES

The Tiger Balm magnate built three museums, in Singapore, Hong Kong and here, his birthplace. The photos and newspaper clippings of the founder's family…

2. Zhongchuan Village

1.34 MILES

This is the ancestral home of the Burmese-Chinese businessman Aw Boon Haw, inventor of the medicinal salve Tiger Balm and owner of (in)famously quirky Haw…

3. Yǎnxiāng Lóu


This lesser-visited and commercialised four-storey tǔlóu rises up beautifully next to a river.

4. Huánjí Lóu


Sitting midway between Yongding and Nanjing County, this four-storey building is a huge roundhouse with inner concentric passages, tiled interior passages…

5. Fúyù Lóu

10.16 MILES

Along the river, this five-storey square tǔlóu boasts some wonderfully carved wooden beams and pillars. Rooms are available here at the Changdi Inn.

6. Zhènchéng Lóu

10.22 MILES

This most visited tǔlóu is a grandiose structure built in 1912, with two concentric circles and 222 rooms. The four storeys of the outer circle are…

7. Soviet Department Store Building

11.24 MILES

This weather-beaten, three-storey building just opposite Chayang Guesthouse (茶陽賓館, Cháyáng Bīnguăn) was a department store built in the 1950s with Soviet…