Héguì Lóu


This tallest rectangular tǔlóu in Fujian has five storeys and was built on a swamp. It boasts 120 rooms, a school, two wells, and a fortified courtyard in front of the entrance. The mammoth structure was built in 1732.

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1. Yunshuiyao Village

0.57 MILES

Between the Héguì and Huáiyuǎn tǔlóu in the Yunshuiyao Tulou Cluster is this beautiful village (formerly known as ancient Chángjiào) where you can sip tea…

2. Huáiyuǎn Lóu

0.96 MILES

This relatively young tǔlóu (built in 1909) has 136 equally sized rooms and a concentric ring that houses an ancestral hall and a school.

3. Tǎxià


This delightful river settlement boasts several tǔlóu-converted guesthouses and it is a great base from which to explore the tǔlóu areas. The highlight of…

4. Zhang Ancestral Hall

3.92 MILES

The highlight of Tǎxià village, the Zhang Ancestral Hall, built in 1601, is surrounded by 23 elaborately carved spear-like stones, which celebrate the…

5. Chéngqǐ Lóu

5.31 MILES

In the village of Gaobei (高北), this 300-year-old tǔlóu has 400 rooms and once housed 1000 inhabitants. It’s built with elaborate concentric rings, with…

6. Yùchāng Lóu

5.32 MILES

The tallest roundhouse in Fujian, this vast five-floor structure has 270 rooms and an observation tower to check for marauding bandits. Interestingly this…

8. Zhènchéng Lóu

7.04 MILES

This most visited tǔlóu is a grandiose structure built in 1912, with two concentric circles and 222 rooms. The four storeys of the outer circle are…