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Xiàmén is the star attraction to visitors, with its long seaside promenade and easy access to little Gǔlàng Yǔ, a hip island enclave just offshore. Many travellers also pass through the area en route to the Taiwanese island of Kinmen.

Away from the coast, the Unesco World Heritage-listed tǔlóu (roundhouses) rise out of the countryside and for generations have housed traditional Hakka and Fujianese communities. Further north, the hill station of Wǔyí Shān offers year-round hiking opportunities and a memorable river cruise on bamboo rafts.

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$79 Cultural & Theme Tours

Xiamen, Amoy Circular Road, Gulangyu, and South Putuo Temple

In the morning, you will be met and picked up from your hotel at about 9am. Your private guide will contact you in advance to confirm exact pickup time. Firstly, take a 10-minute long ferry ride to laid-back Gulangyu Island. Stroll around the island to appreciate its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics, and a variety of architectural style including the old consulates, churches, and other European-style colonial buildings. Follow your guide to explore Shuzhuang Garden, an exquisite seaside villa, and Piano Museum that has with a collection of more than 70 valuable old pianos curated from all over the world. Then, head to famed South Putuo Temple. Comprised of three halls and one garret, the structure was first built during Tang Dynasty. Walk into the temple and enjoy the great collection of Buddhist relics including a Burmese jade Buddha carving and important Buddhist scriptures. Afterwards, head to Amoy Circular Road (Huandao Road or Island Ring Road), the most beautiful marathon route in the world. This is the main road of the city established for citizens for recreational use by the beach. You will have a chance to take a nice walk along the road. Finally, drive to Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, passing by one of the most beautiful universities in China, Xiamen University. Enjoy your free time window shopping on this famous commercial street. At the end, you will be transferred back to your hotel after a short drive.

$38.83 Private & Custom Tours

Xiamen Private Half Day Tour of Gulangyu Island and Shuzhuang Garden

Your private guide and driver will meet you at Xiamen cruise port at 9am or 1pm and then you will be guided to the ferry terminal where you will start your visit to Gulangyu Island. Xiamen is an island connected to the mainland by Gaoji Causeway and Xiamen Bridge. Being located on the south eastern coast of China, Xiamen has mild weather all year round, making it an attractive and popular holiday retreat. And because of its large natural harbour, now closed off from the sea by land reclamation, the city became an important trading port since Song Dynasty. Your first visit today is to the small and picturesque island of Gulangyu just off of the southwest coast of the main island. Access to Gulangyu is by a short ferry ride, and when you reach the island, you will find that only electric powered vehicles are allowed so it is a peaceful retreat from the noise and fumes of petroleum powered vehicles. You will be able to take a leisurely stroll around the island and enjoy the natural beauty as well as the colonial European architecture of the churches and other buildings. Because this is a popular holiday spot, there are also many small cafes and boutiques for you to enjoy. You will also visit Shuzhuang Garden, originally a private villa built in 1931, that were opened to public since 1955.After returning to the main island, you will embark on your cruise. 

$193 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Full-Day Fujian Hakka Tulou and Cultural Trip from Xiamen

At 8 O'clock in the morning, your driver will transfer you from your hotel lobby to Fujian Tulou in Yongding area of Longyan City in Fujian province which will take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours by car. On the way, you will see banana and coffee plantations. You will stop at a tea field and take a walk in the tea plantation plucking tea leaves or just breathing the fresh air. You will also visit a tea house to watch an artistic Chinese tea ceremony and sip a cup of tasty Chinese tea. According to historical documents, tea has been produced in the Fujian area for more than 1,600 years. Fujian province produces 5 different types of tea including oolong, black, green, white and scented tea. The production techniques for all of these teas except green tea are originated in Fujian province. Fujian is also home to 336 varieties of tea plants which is the largest number in China. By 11:00 am, you will arrive at Gaobei Tulou Cluster and visit Chengqilou, the largest Tulou in this area, which is almost three hundred years old and made up of four concentric circular buildings. This King of Round Earth Building has altogether 400 rooms and used to house 80 families with a total of more than 600 people in its prosperous days. Lunch is at your own expense but your guide will give you ideas and recommendation.At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, you will arrive at Chuxi Tulou Cluster and check into the Hakka family hotel. Chuxi Tulou Cluster is situated on the hillside about 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Yongding County. There are five circular Tulou buildings and over a dozen of rectangular ones in Chuxi Village. You will visit Jiqinglou, Shengqilou and Yuqinglou, which are typical Hakka earth buildings among Chuxi Tulou Cluster. Jiqinglou was built in 1419 during the reign of Emperor Yongle of Ming Dynasty. Jiqinglou is comprised of two concentric rings: outer ring and inner ring with four floors. Jiqinglou has 72 staircases dividing the Tulou building into 72 independent Units. Shengqinglou was built in 1799 covering an area of 2,165 square feet (660 square meters) that has three floors with 37 rooms on each floor. Yuqinglou was first built in 1729 but now it is converted into a family hotel. In the afternoon, you will also visit a local family to chat with the host and hostess and learn about their daily life and local customs. Later, climb to the top of a nearby hill to get a bird’s eye view of Chuxi Village. The remaining time of the afternoon will be free for you to stroll around in the village. You will depart from Chuxi Village at 4 pm for heading back to your hotel by 7 pm where this amazing day tour is concluded.

$287.29 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Mount Wuyi 3-Day Retreat by Bullet Train from Xiamen

Day 1 Arrange your time heading for Xiamen North Railway Station according to the bullet train schedule. Collect your bullet train with your passport at Booking Office. It takes about 3 hours to get Wuyishan North Railway Station. Upon arrival at Wuyishan YeoHwa Resort, check-in with your confirmation voucher and passport. Enjoy your free time in the rest of the day. Recommended activities include rafting on the Nine Bend Stream to appreciate its serene beauty of the gorges on the bank, meandering on the ancient street with Song Dynasty structure style adjacent to Wuyi Palace. Wuyishan YeoHwa Resort: the best available hotel within Wuyishan National Park. It wins popularity for its vantage location and thoughtful service approved by several celebrities.Day 2 Today you will have the place to yourself within the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area with our booked admission ticket. The following recommended sites are well worth your time to visit. Water Curtain CaveAs the largest water cavern in Wuyi Mountains, it features the juxtaposition of huge rocks in various shapes and sizes and perpetual creeks and waterfalls, ornamented with pines, canopies of bamboo and flowers. One-Line-Sky Scenic Area (Thread of Sky/Yixiantian)In the southernmost area of the Wuyi Mountains lies an imposing valley stretching from east to west. This site has earned its fame by the narrow linear view from the bottom of the valley. Unvarnished beauty with Heavenly Tour PeakStanding at 700 meters above sea level, the peak is accessed via stone steps winding all the way with the narrowest part measuring only 30 cm. The western and eastern portions of the peak displays sharp contrast, the former presenting volcanic or plutonic rocks while the latter is of distinctive Danxia landform with red sandstone.Day 3 Today you will head back to Xiamen by bullet train.   The transfer to the railway station is arranged by the hotel.

$118.44 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Combo: Overnight in Hakka Tulou plus 2-way transfers from Xiamen

Pickup Meet your driver in the lobby of your hotel in Xiamen.  Your driver will find you by eye contact, you will also be informed an urgent contact number in your voucher.  An English speaking local tour operator is your backup support. Coach transfer to Xiamen Fanghu Long Distance Bus Station .  Bus leaves at 11:20.  The destination is Hukeng village in Yongding county.  Xiamen to Hukeng Some most beautiful Tulou Clusters are located in Hong Keng village, near Hukeng township in Yongding County.  It take 3.5 hours on the road. Please get off at “Earth Building Cultural Village”, one stop before the terminal station “Hu Keng”.  The local tour operator will send you a confirmation voucher.  "Please drop me off at Hukeng" is printed both in Chinese and English on your voucher.  Show the bus driver this voucher. Once arrive, you will be picked up from the bus terminal.   A hotel staff holding your name sign will take you to the hotel for tonight.  Your hotel is in 15 minute walking distance.  The hotel owner's cell phone number is also printed on your voucher.   You will stay in a family hostel in Fuyulou Cluster for tonight.  You are free to explore all Tulou Clusters by yourself. The most famous one is Zhenchenglou Tulou Cluster. You can also visit Hakka families  to learn more about their culture. Fuyulou Cluster It is located in a traditional 130 years old Hakka architecture of Fuyulou Cluster, originally 160 rooms. The villager renovated 20 rooms with simple facilities of bed and breakfast. The rooms are clean and tidy. The cluster is quite near the famous Zhenchenglou Cluster. After the crowd of tourists leaves, you will find out the life in cluster keep the same way as hundreds of years ago. Zhenchenglou Cluster Located in Hong Keng village, Hukeng township of Yongding County. It was built in 1912 by the descendents of a rich tobacco merchant. Zhenchenglou is a double ring tulou, its outer ring is four storeys high, total 184 rooms, and the inner ring is two stories with 32 rooms. The outer ring was partitioned into four segments according to Bagua concept of Chinese Fengshui. Hukeng to Xiamen Hukeng Earth Building Cultural Village to Xiamen: 7:50am, 12:50pm, 2:50pm (only 3 buses a day)  The returned bus ticket can only be bought from Hukeng Bus Station. Please ask the hotel staff to give you the ticket as soon as you meet him/her. The ticket cost is included in our package.

$113.22 Day Trips & Excursions

Hakka Tulou Cluster and Tianluokeng Tour with hotel pickup from Xiamen

You will be picked up from your hotel in Xiamen.  3 hours coach transfer to Nanjing county where you'll visit the Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster and visit Hakka families in the villages.  Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster On 7th July 2008, Tianluokeng tulou cluster was inscribed as one of 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cluster consists of a square earth building at the center of a quincunx, surrounded by four round earth buildings Buyunlou (square cluster) The square earth building named Buyun building (Reaching the Cloud Building) at the center of the quincunx. It was the first earth building at this site, built in 1796. It is three storeys high, each storey has 26 rooms, four sets of stairs, and a circular corridor in front of the rooms. The Buyun building was burnt down by bandits in 1936, and rebuilt in 1953 according to the original shape. Hechanglou (round cluster) a three-storey-high round earth building. Zhenchanglou (round cluster) It was built in 1930, has three storeys, round shaped, 26 rooms per floor. Ruiyunlou (round cluster) It was built in 1936, three storeys, 26 rooms per floor. Wenchanglou (oval cluster) It was build in 1966, three storeys, 32 rooms per floor.