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Chongqing City

The most important city in western China and the economic engine of the upper Yangzi, Chongqing City (重庆; Chóngqìng) is a massive and enthralling urban sprawl. Chongqing makes up for a lack of top-notch sights with fantastic food and charismatic geography: its combination of steep hills at the confluence of the Yangzi and Jialing Rivers is a prelude to the even more dramatic scenery of the Three Gorges downstream.

Be aware that navigating some parts of the city on foot, particularly near the riverbanks, can be like a real-life game of chutes and ladders. Something that looks close on a map might be separated by hundreds of vertical feet – expect to climb lots of stairs while absolutely drenched in sweat, or save your energy and hail taxis with abandon.

When we last visited, a new port area for Three Gorges cruises at Chaotianmen was in the midst of reopening.

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