Treasure Gallery

Museum in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

In the northeastern corner of the complex is the Treasure Gallery (or Complete Palace of Peace and Longevity, 宁寿全宫, Níng Shǒu Quán Gōng), a complex that architecturally resembles the Forbidden City in miniature. During the Ming Dynasty, the Empress Dowager and the imperial concubines lived here. Today it comprises a number of atmospheric halls, pavilions, gardens and courtyard buildings that hold a collection of fine museums.

Among the many exhibitions, highlights include the beautiful glazed Nine Dragon Screen, one of only three of its type left in China, and the Belvedere of Cheerful Melodies, a three-storey wooden opera house, which was the palace’s largest theatre.

Enter the complex from the south – not far from the Gallery of Clocks; afterwards you'll exit at the northern end of the Forbidden City.