Forest, hills and mountains in summer in Río Clarillo national park in Chile.

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Reserva Nacional Río Clarillo

Cajón del Maipo

A mix of Andean forest and scrubland make up this hilly, 100-sq-km nature reserve in a scenic tributary canyon of the Cajón del Maipo, 18km southeast of Pirque. It’s home to abundant bird species, foxes and rodents, and the endangered Chilean iguana.

Two short, clearly labeled trails start near the Conaf rangers office, 300m after the entrance: Quebrada Jorquera takes about half an hour; Aliwen Mahuida takes 1½ hours. The rangers give advice on longer hikes along the river, but plan on starting early as camping is not allowed here. There are several picnic areas with tables and barbecue pits for your midday break.

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