Must see attractions in Cajón del Maipo

  • Sights in Pirque

    Reserva Nacional Río Clarillo

    A mix of Andean forest and scrubland make up this hilly, 100-sq-km nature reserve in a scenic tributary canyon of the Cajón del Maipo, 18km southeast of Pirque. It’s home to abundant bird species, foxes and rodents, and the endangered Chilean iguana.

  • Sights in Baños Morales & Monumento Natural El Morado

    Monumento Natural El Morado

    At Baños Morales is the entrance to Monumento Natural El Morado, a small national park. From the banks of sparkling Laguna El Morado are fabulous views of Glacier San Francisco and the 5000m summit of Cerro El Morado. It takes about two hours to reach the lake on the well-marked 6km trail from the Conaf post.