Parque Nacional Chiloé


The 430-sq-km Parque Nacional Chiloé, 30km west of Chonchi and 54km west of Castro, is well-known for its abundance of Chilote wildlife (including 110 different types of bird as well as foxes). Even the reclusive pudú, the world’s smallest deer, can be sometimes seen milling about the shadowy forests of the contorted tepú tree, which grows here in plentiful numbers.

For those ken to overnight within the park, especially along its eastern perimeter, Huilliche indigenous communities generally handle management of campsites and homestay lodgings.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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2. Feria Alcalde José Sandoval Gomez

16.29 MILES

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3. Puente Gamboa Mirador

16.44 MILES

The east side of the bridge into town offers the best viewpoint for Palofitos Gamboa.

4. Iglesia San Francisco de Castro

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5. Museo Regional de Castro

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6. Muelle de las Almas

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Shrouded in folklore and Huilliche mythology, Chiloé's 'Dock of Souls' was built in 2007 by architect Marcelo Orellana. The curved boardwalk spans 17m…

7. Crafts Fair

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8. Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores

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Founded in 1849, this church is another one of the island's 16 protected by Unesco. A complete restoration was finished in 2015, which gave everything a…