Muelle de las Almas (Dock of Souls) on Chiloe Island.

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Muelle de las Almas

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Shrouded in folklore and Huilliche mythology, Chiloé's 'Dock of Souls' was built in 2007 by architect Marcelo Orellana. The curved boardwalk spans 17m along an outrageously cinematic landscape and seemingly disappears off a 70m cliff into the Bay of Cucao. According to legend, wandering souls must call to a passing boatman, Tempilcahue, for transport to the afterlife, or they will mourn in the area for all eternity.

To reach this far-flung dock to nowhere on your own, you'll need to drive to the ticket office in Rahue, 7km south of Cucao, where you'll pay your admission to the landowners, Don Orlando (don't miss his fossil collection!) and Doña Sonia. (Keep your ticket – there is a ticket inspector on the hike.) From here, drive another 2.8km or so to the parking lot (CH$2000); and then hike another 2.3km along a rudimentarily signed, up-and-down, often-muddy path. In high season up to 700 people per day visit, so consider visiting at other times of year to avoid the lengthy queues. Buses Ojeda in Castro also runs a daily trip to Muelle de las Almas (10:30am, CH$7000 return).

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