Playa Las Galletas


Bring your own towel and parasol to this pleasant volcanic sand-and-pebble stretch. It's backed by a pleasant promenade with bars and a string of excellent seafood restaurants.

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1. Montaña Amarilla

1.43 MILES

Wind and water have carved the dramatic rock formations of Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain), a volcanic mound on the coast outside Las Galletas. To get…

2. Puerto de Los Cristianos


Playa de Los Cristianos’ grand swathe of pale golden sand is flanked to the west by Puerto de Los Cristianos, a harbour that is home to fishing boats,…

3. Playa de Los Cristianos

4.61 MILES

This 1km-long taupe-coloured sandy stretch is the main beach in town and is very family friendly, with a lifeguard, rows of sunbeds, volleyball net, bars,…

4. Playa de las Vistas

4.98 MILES

This sublime 1.5km-long beach has fine golden sand (imported from the Sahara Desert!) and links Los Cristianos with Playa de las Américas. The beach is…

5. Siam Park

5.89 MILES

Southern Tenerife’s biggest theme park is the impressive Siam Park, which offers a chance to throw yourself down a 28m-high vertical water slide, surf in…

6. Playa de Troya

6.07 MILES

One of several beaches that merge seamlessly into each other in central Playa, with soft dark sand and excellent facilities.

7. Playa La Tejita

6.55 MILES

Stretching for around 1km, this delightful unspoiled beach has a simple straw-roofed bar for drinks and snacks and makes for tremendous photos as the sun…

8. Playa El Médano

7.63 MILES

El Médano boasts the longest beach in Tenerife (2km), lined by a wooden boardwalk – ideal for evening strolls. However, the same wind that makes it so…