Jardin des Gouverneurs

Québec City

Overlooking the St Lawrence River is this leafy gem of a city park, with a monument to legendary generals James Wolfe and Louis-Joseph Montcalm on a shared pedestal. Even in peak season, it's a peaceful refuge from the holidaying masses.

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1. Terrasse Dufferin

0.07 MILES

Perched on a clifftop 60m above the St Lawrence River, this 425m-long boardwalk is a marvelous setting for a stroll, with spectacular, sweeping views. In…

2. Le Château Frontenac

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Reputedly the world's most photographed hotel, this audaciously elegant structure was opened in 1893 by the Canadian Pacific Railway as part of its chain…

3. Lorne Kiosk


An entrance to the St-Louis Forts & Châteaux National Historic Site.

5. Le Quartier Petit-Champlain

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Arguably the city's most picturesque district, this area sandwiched between the Old Upper Town and the waterfront has Québec City’s most intriguing…

6. Frontenac Kiosk

0.13 MILES

An entrance to both the Fortifications of Québec and St-Louis Forts & Châteaux national historic sites.

7. Chapelle des Ursulines

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This glittering chapel just across from the Musée des Ursulines contains some of the finest wood carving in Québec and was gilded by the nuns themselves…

8. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

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Consecrated in 1804, this handsome church was the first Anglican cathedral built outside the British Isles. Designed by two officers from the British army…