Artillery Park

Québec City

Part of the Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site and open in summer, this park along the Old Upper Town walls was chosen as the site for 18th-century French army barracks due to its strategic position opposite the plateau and the St Charles River, both of which could feed enemy soldiers into Québec City. Visit the Officers’ Quarters and the Dauphine Redoubt, where guides in period dress speak in character about life in the barracks.

Don't miss the huge 19th-century model of Québec City in the Arsenal Foundry. After the British conquest of New France, English soldiers moved in and remained here until 1871, when the site was converted into an ammunition factory for the Canadian army. The factory operated until 1964, and thousands of Canadians worked there during the World Wars.

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2. Porte St-Jean

0.04 MILES

Northernmost of the Old City's three main town gates, 'St John's Gate' was originally built in 1693 but replaced with this one in 1940.

3. Porte Kent


The last (1879) of the three main city gates to be built. 'Kent Gate' lies between Porte St-Jean and Porte St-Louis.

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This glittering chapel just across from the Musée des Ursulines contains some of the finest wood carving in Québec and was gilded by the nuns themselves…