Must see attractions in Northwest Territories

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    Virginia Falls

    Yes, there is a higher set of falls in British Columbia, but for the sheer gushing power of two mighty torrents of water, falling from a height of 96m …

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    Wood Buffalo National Park

    Established in 1922 to protect a large, dark and distinctly Northern subspecies of bison, and straddling the Alberta–NWT border, is Wood Buffalo National…

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    Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

    Acting as NWT's historical and cultural archive, this well-laid-out museum overlooks Frame Lake. Expertly assembled displays address natural history,…

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    Aulavik National Park

    This seldom-visited park has the world's largest concentration of musk ox, as well as tundra and archaeological sites. This is true Arctic wilderness,…

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    Pingo Canadian Landmark

    The Tuk Peninsula has the world's highest concentration of pingos. Some 1350 of these huge mounds of earth-covered ice, that form only in a permafrost…

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    Great Slave Lake

    Yellowknife sits on the shores of Great Slave Lake – the 10th largest lake in the world and the deepest in North America. It takes its name from the…

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    Hidden Lake Territorial Park

    At Hidden Lake Territorial Park you'll find the attractive Cameron Falls, reachable via a 15-minute walk through forest and over rocks.

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    Tuktut Nogait National Park

    This wilderness is a major calving ground for bluenose caribou. It's an excellent place to observe birds of prey and has spectacular pingos, beautiful…

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    Glacier Lake

    Flanked by the Britnell Glacier in the northwest reaches of the park, this spectacular lake is surrounded by the granite mountains of the Ragged Range and…

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    Ivvavik National Park

    Spanning a chunk of northern Yukon, part of the Northwest Territories and bordering Alaska, the tundra and craggy British Mountains of 94,500-sq-km…

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    On the west side of the Mackenzie Delta, Aklavik ('Barrenground Grizzly Place') was the region's administrative center before Inuvik took over. This Gwich…

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    Legislative Assembly

    In the impressive, igloo-shaped Legislative Assembly, you can learn about the territory's aboriginal-style government by joining their free hour-long tour…

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    Sambaa Deh Falls Territorial Park

    Around 88km east of the turnoff for Fort Simpson and 138km west of the turnoff towards Yellowknife, this protected area is centered on the spectacular…

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    Old Town

    Many living people are older than Yellowknife but, despite the fact the Old Town only dates from the mid-1930s, its ramshackle streets wedged between Back…

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    Sod Houses

    Toward the northern end of Tuk are examples of the traditional Inuvialuit igluryuaq (sod houses), made from driftwood and covered with sod. With a tunnel…

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    Sitting on the shores of the Arctic Ocean on the western half of Victoria Island, Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman) is a small Inuvialuit community famous for…

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    Yellowknife Cultural Crossroads

    On a huge boulder by the road there's a striking work of art: a soaring eagle, a whirl of colorful handprints and the skeletal outline of a tipi. In front…

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    Our Lady of Victory Church

    The town landmark is the wooden Our Lady of Victory Church, also called the Igloo Church, designed to reflect the local Inuvialuit culture. It has a…

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    NWT Diamond Centre

    A great place to buy your diamond bling, this gallery also provides a good overview of diamond mining in Canada's frigid north. The accompanying video…

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    The Icehouse is the community freezer. The entrance looks like an outhouse, but inside you descend into a tunnel system excavated 10m into the permafrost…