Tibbitt Lake

Northwest Territories

In summer, the Ingraham Trail ends here, where locals come to fish. In winter, this is the beginning of the 570km ice road to the diamond mines.

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Nearby Northwest Territories attractions

1. Reid Lake

5.89 MILES

At Reid Lake, 61km from Yellowknife, you can swim, canoe or fish. The campground has a beach, boat ramp and walking trail, plus campsites on the ridge…

2. Cameron River Ramparts

7.24 MILES

These small, pretty falls are reachable via a 400m stroll through the forest from the parking lot.

3. Hidden Lake Territorial Park

10.92 MILES

At Hidden Lake Territorial Park you'll find the attractive Cameron Falls, reachable via a 15-minute walk through forest and over rocks.

4. Prelude Lake

17.61 MILES

There are two short nature trails at Prelude Lake, as well as a large and busy, full-service campground, boat rentals and activities for children.