Lac aux Castors


Created in a former marsh as part of a work-creation project, Beaver Lake is a center of activity year-round. You can rent paddleboats on the lake or, in winter, ice skates, cross-country skis, snowshoes and sleds from Le Pavillon. The slopes above the lake are popular for sledding. Refreshments and sandwiches are sold at a snack bar; there’s also a restaurant with more elaborate dishes.

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1. Le Pavillon

0.09 MILES

Overlooking Beaver Lake, Le Pavillon is the place to go to rent ice skates and sleds in winter. Refreshments and sandwiches are sold at a snack bar; there…

2. Maison Smith

0.28 MILES

Constructed in 1858 by a merchant who wanted to get away from the pollution and overpopulation of the rest of Montréal, this house contains a small…

3. Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges

0.48 MILES

More than one million people have found their final resting place here since this Catholic cemetery opened in 1854, making it the largest cemetery in…

4. Chalet du Mont-Royal


Constructed in 1932, this grand old white villa, complete with bay windows, contains canvases that depict scenes of Montréal history. You’ll also see…

5. Belvédère Kondiaronk lookout


There are excellent views of downtown from this wide semicircular vantage point fronting the Chalet du Mont-Royal. To the left you can even make out the…

6. Parc du Mont-Royal


The charming, leafy expanse of Parc du Mont-Royal is charged for a wide range of outdoor activities. The wooded slopes and grassy meadows have stunning…

7. Cimetière Mont-Royal

0.73 MILES

Cimetière Mont-Royal was founded in 1852 for the last journey of Presbyterians, Anglicans, Unitarians, Baptists and nondenominationals. In 1901 it opened…