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Arriving in Jasper Town, the first thing you may notice is how low-key it all feels. Yes, Jasper is the most important town for kilometers around, and sees nearly two million visitors each year. Yet it feels far removed from the traffic jams of Lake Louise and retains an agreeable humility that seems more reflective of its workaday railway town roots than of its modern status as a national park hub.

With only two main thoroughfares, Patricia St and Connaught Dr, holding the lion's share of businesses, you can easily explore Jasper on foot in half an hour. Sit on the lawn outside the early 20th-century log cabin at the heart of town, meditate on the murmur of the freight trains running by, and soak up the unhurried vibe. You really couldn't ask for a friendlier, more relaxing base for exploring the awe-inspiring wilderness that surrounds you.

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