Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity


Conveniently located at the base of the trail to Kbal Spean is the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity, which is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing threatened wildlife into Cambodian forests. It also operates conservation breeding programs for selected threatened species in an attempt to preserve them from extinction. Daily tours (in English) are available at 9am and 1pm (except Sunday), taking about 1½ hours.

The centre takes care of about 45 species totalling more than 550 animals. It is possible to see pileated gibbon, Indochinese silvered langur, several turtle and tortoise species, green peafowl, small carnivores and a variety of birds of prey. There are also several large wading birds, including the impressive sarus crane and one of the largest collections of threatened storks in the world.

A minimum donation of US$3 per person is requested. Tours outside core hours and special private tours are available upon request at variable costs. It is recommended to book tours in advance by phone or email. Note that you don't need an Angkor pass to visit ACCB, only to visit Kbal Spean.

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