Vranduk Fortress


in Western Bosnia

In a deep, thickly wooded valley, the River Bosna turns abruptly almost 180 degrees creating a sharp ridge on which this little 15th-century fortress sits in the midst of a tiny, charmingly coherent village. The keep's interior is set as though for a medieval feast; there's also a small blacksmith's room and you can try old-world archery in the grassy yard. A flash new digital display was in the works at the time of research.

The village is just off the Zenica–Duboj highway. However, the abrupt turning is easily missed: heading northbound it's just before a bridge that leads straight into a tunnel. Once you've found the turn, drive around 1km, go through a narrow former rail tunnel, then double back left to find the bridge across the river. It has great views as you approach.