Kravica Waterfall

Top choice waterfall in Hercegovina

Image by Charlotte Bröcker - Getty Images

There's a slightly unreal Disney-esque quality to this outstanding natural attraction, where the Trebižat River plummets in a broad 25m-high arc into an emerald pool. In spring, this gorgeous mini-Niagara pounds itself into a dramatic, steamy fury. In summer it's a more gentle cascade, but the basin offers an idyllic respite from the sweltering heat for hundreds of locals and tourists.

Further downstream, kayaks can be hired (per hour €8). Admission tickets include access to two nearby sights: a monastery museum in Humac and the Koćuša waterfall.

The falls are a 15-minute walk from a car park that's 4km down a dead-end road which is well signposted from the M6 (Čapljina–Ljubuški Rd). There's no public transport, but many Mostar group tours combine a stop at the falls with visits to Blagaj and Počitelj.