Yellow Fortress


One of the most appealing yet accessible viewpoints gazing over Sarajevo's red-roofed cityscape is from this bastion, built in the 18th century as part of the walls encircling Vratnik. Now sprouting mature trees and a cafe, it's a popular place for picnickers and canoodling lovers. By tradition, the end of the Ramadan fast is formally announced by a canon shot from here.

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1. Alija Izetbegović Museum

0.13 MILES

Located in two 1730s stone towers linked by a section of Vratnik's former walls, this two-room museum explores the background to the 1990s conflict and…

2. Kovači Graveyard

0.14 MILES

Overloaded with the white gravestones of those killed during the 1990s conflict, this steeply contoured cemetery is the final resting place of the country…

3. Sarajevo City Hall

0.27 MILES

A storybook neo-Moorish striped facade makes the triangular Vijećnica (1896) Sarajevo's most beautiful Austro-Hungarian–era building. Seriously damaged…

4. Sebilj

0.34 MILES

This ornamental drinking fountain, looking more like an enclosed oriental gazebo, dates from 1891 and marks the centre of Baščaršija's central square.

5. Baščaršija

0.34 MILES

Centred on what foreigners nickname Pigeon Square, with its ornate gazebo-like Sebilj drinking fountain (built in 1891), Baščaršija is the very heart of…

6. Baščaršija Mosque

0.36 MILES

Sitting behind a curtain of mature trees and a triple-arched porch, this elegant octagonal mosque has been providing solace within the bustle of the…

7. White Fortress

0.36 MILES

Although it's thought to have had its origins in the Middle Ages, this bastion was substantially strengthened and incorporated into the walls built to…

8. Old Orthodox Church

0.39 MILES

While the final form of this outwardly austere stone church dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel dates to 1730, it was founded considerably…