This elegant stone tower sports an Islamic prayer clock, which is adjusted daily so that dusk is the moment when the hands appear to show 12 o'clock. It was built in 1529 as part of the bequest of Gazi Husrev-beg; it originally had a soup kitchen and free hostel for travellers at its base.

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1. Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque

0.03 MILES

Bosnia's second Ottoman governor, Gazi Husrev-beg, funded a series of splendid 16th-century buildings, of which this 1531 mosque, with its 45m minaret, is…

2. Gazi Husrev-beg Museum

0.03 MILES

The 1537 Kuršumlija Madrasa building is distinctive for its pointed chimneys and the lead roof from which it takes its name. Although built as a religious…

3. Jewish Museum

0.05 MILES

More religiously open-minded than most of Western Europe in its day, the Ottoman Empire offered refuge to the Sephardic Jews who had been evicted en masse…

4. Muzej Sarajevo 1878–1918


On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead in their car by 18-year-old Gavrilo Princip directly outside this building…

5. Old Orthodox Church


While the final form of this outwardly austere stone church dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel dates to 1730, it was founded considerably…

6. Brusa Bezistan

0.11 MILES

Built in 1551 as a silk-trading bazaar, this elegant two-storey building is topped with six green-metal domes and encircled by shops. It's now a branch of…

8. Latin Bridge

0.12 MILES

Of all the crossing points of the Miljacka River, this pale-stone triple-arched bridge is the most famous. It was known throughout the Yugoslav era as…