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Pathfinders: video of the month, April 2018

Video of the month: Cabot Trail in the fall (Cape Breton, Canada) © Vadim.Petrov / Shutterstock Cabot Trail in the fall (Cape Breton, Canada) © Vadim.Petrov / Shutterstock

Every month, we curate the best videos, blog posts and Instagrams from our globetrotting Lonely Planet Pathfinders. This month, we’re featuring Arienne from See You Soon who takes us on a trip through Canada in her latest video.

'Two months, four provinces and 13,000 km, all condensed into one epic three-minute montage. After years of travelling around the world, I finally made the decision to explore my own country. My husband and I saved up to make this road trip a reality and it surpassed our wildest dreams. We visited all four Atlantic Canada provinces, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and even Newfoundland and Labrador. Atlantic Canada is truly a special place; the landscape, the history and the people make it a great region to explore on four wheels. You'll be captivated by the scenery and get hooked by its charm.

Atlantic Canada montage - See You Soon

Why we like it: From drone shots to time-lapse and POV footage, we like the varied perspectives in this video. It’s not easy to successfully compress two months of adventures into a three-minute montage, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Hats off to Arienne for some top-notch editing skills!

We also enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of Santa Barbara in California from TravelingJules and Mark Hadj Hamou’s cinematic footage of the Philippines, both of which had us reaching for our passports.

Thanks to all the Pathfinders who submitted their travel videos this month – keep your eyes peeled on our Thorn Tree forum where we’ll post the next submission call-out!

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