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Introducing our Lonely Planet Trailblazers

Trailblazers_smiley A selection of Lonely Planet Trailblazers and staff in the London office

Since the Lonely Planet Pathfinders programme launched in late 2014, we've watched the travel influencer community grow and evolve rapidly. The Pathfinders initiative is designed to be inclusive for all who have a passion for sharing their travel tips and tales, while also inviting the most dedicated, talented storytellers to work with us on exciting projects and collaborations.

Over the years, a handful of Pathfinders have risen through the ranks, and today we are pleased to reveal our first set of Lonely Planet Trailblazers! These Pathfinders have graduated to become fully-fledged ambassadors for Lonely Planet – so you can expect to see a lot more of them on lonelyplanet.com and beyond from now on.

Meet the team


Abi from insidethetravellab.com

Abi has travelled to Japan, Oslo and Scotland on assignment for Lonely Planet. From feature articles to Facebook live streaming, she's a culture hunter with a knack for sniffing out an interesting event or story.

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Chloe from wanderlustchloe.com

Chloe is a voracious foodie, having hunted down delicious meals in New Orleans, Seville and Sicily for Lonely Planet. She's also an Instagram story queen and – as we recently discovered – a whizz in the kitchen!

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Dan from danflyingsolo.com

Dan is a solo traveller who loves to connect with locals on the road – and one of the most popular faces on Lonely Planet's Snapchat! His assignments for Lonely Planet so far have included trips to Peru, Australia and England's Peak District.

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Dan and Audrey from uncorneredmarket.com

Dan and Audrey are storytellers with a focus on responsible travel. They have written feature articles for lonelyplanet.com, as well as starring in a collaboration with Ford for our Weekend Wanderlust campaign.

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Kia and Peter from atlasandboots.com

Outdoorsy travel bloggers Kia and Peter have reported from Myanmar and the Mekong for Lonely Planet, have hosted two #LPChats and are accomplished writers and photographers.

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Kristen and Siya from hopscotchtheglobe.com

Kristen and Siya are a vlogging dream team who've covered Greenland and Toronto on Lonely Planet assignments. They've also shared their thoughts on Disney as a form of travel inspiration and revealed their video tips for lonelyplanet.com.

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Macca from anadventurousworld.com

Blogger and photographer Macca has been to Turkey and Iceland to present for Lonely Planet's in-house video team, as well as producing tonnes of video content himself for our YouTube channel.

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