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Just back from: Cuba

Bailey actual 2 Bailey taking in the beautiful views of Trinidad © Bailey Freeman

Bailey Freeman, Lonely Planet's Destination Editor for Central America and the Caribbean, recently took a trip to Cuba to check out two of the country’s historic cities: Havana and Trinidad.

Tell us more… Over the course of a week, I got a Cuba crash course. I had the chance to explore the famously beautiful streets of Havana, attend a performance at one of the capital city’s most famous jazz clubs, road trip across the country in a 1950s Bel Air, take a salsa lesson in Trinidad and go swimming in a crystal clear pool in rural Cuba.

In a nutshell… Cuba is one of those places you can read about over and over, but nothing compares to hitting the ground and experiencing it first-hand. Havana’s striking visage is the first thing you’ll get wrapped up in, and when you start digging a little deeper, you’ll find all sorts of unique surprises. I was most impressed by Havana’s thriving art scene; fantastic galleries, boutique shops, artisan crafts all fuelled the creative energy. Trinidad is like Havana’s laid-back cousin – the streets are quieter and the town itself feels more tropical and southern, but it’s home to just as much interesting history and plenty of fun nightlife.

Bailey 1 The beautiful streets of Havana © Bailey Freeman

Learning to unplug Since I was only there for a short trip, I didn’t bother waiting in the rather lengthy ETECSA lines to try and rent a Cuban phone; I was completely unplugged for the duration of the visit, and it was a rather refreshing change, though it would have been handy when I got lost a couple of times without a map. So, top tips: take pictures of maps or print maps before you go, and enjoy disconnecting for a while.

Defining moment… Sitting in Trinidad’s Plaza Mayor at sunset, watching the light turn everything golden. Plaza Mayor is a Unesco World Heritage site and the beating heart at the city’s center. Locals and tourists all congregate here to take in the great hill-top view, which stretches all the way to the sea.

You’d be a muppet to miss… In Cuba, music is life – salsa, rumba, Cuban son all echo through the streets on a nightly basis. Myriad bars feature live bands, and jazz and salsa clubs abound. In Havana, spend an evening listening to fun and inventive jazz at La Zorra y El Cuervo; in Trinidad, try out your salsa moves (or connect with an instructor) at the Rincon de la Salsa, a lively bar with an energetic dance floor.

Souvenirs… Even though I’m not a smoker, I had to snag a couple of quality Cuban cigars to see what all the fuss was about. I popped into a smoke shop and asked the man at the counter to point me in the direction of his favorites. I purchased a couple, but I’ve yet to crack them open – waiting for something big to celebrate!

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Bailey Freeman travelled to Cuba with support from Homestay.com. Lonely Planet contributors do not accept freebies in exchange for positive coverage.