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Flickr challenge: ‘Thanks’ theme results

In celebration of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, and with the festive season just around the corner, our latest challenge theme was ‘Thanks’.

Community voting has just finished on the fantastic spread of entries (…no turkeys here!), so let’s check out the top images.

This week's winner

Bagan Sunset - Nun - Nicholas Olesen Photography Demurely posing for pictures at sunset in Myanmar © Nicholas Olesen Photography

Our winner is this lovely shot from Dhammayangyi Pahto – the largest Buddhist temple in Bagan – captured by Nicholas Olesen Photography. The soft light lends a beautiful tone to the image and works well with the traditional pink robes of the monk, especially in combination with the evocative background landscape.

This week's runners-up

Thanks - Udayan Sankar Pal A road-sign gem from the Border Roads Organisation in India © Udayan Sankar Pal

It’s always great to see some humour, and Udayan Sankar Pal provides with this charming (and rather apt!) road sign from the Chang La, a high mountain pass in Ladakh. We like how the sign and weathered prayer flags are the only coloured part of the shot – it increases their impact against the distant brooding mountains.

boat III - monkus bimble Exchanging thanks in passing for assistance on a Keralan beach © monkus bimble

Another photo from India snags the next spot – this one from monkus bimble, featuring the protagonists in a boat-related incident on the beach in Varkala. Although the photo itself is simple, and made even more so by the use of greyscale, we love the moment of recognition and thanks captured between the two men – perfectly timed!

Asking for blessing - SteFou! Receiving a blessing from an elderly monk in Myanmar © SteFou!

More atmospheric shots from Myanmar make it into the top selects, including this image from the great city of Yangon. It’s really nice to see some of the amazing bright colours used to decorate the incredible temples, and we like how the deep reds are mirrored in the rich maroon robes of the venerable monk as he offers a blessing.

TIRTA EMPUL TEMPLE - ileanaoroza Ritual purification in the holy spring waters of a Balinese water temple © ileanaoroza

This photo from ileanaoroza captures another candid temple moment, this time of a man visiting the Tirta Empul temple to make an offering and bathe in the holy waters. We really like the composition of this shot, and how so much of the frame is taken up by water – it gives an immersive feeling of tranquility to the image.

Ride together. - Luke Sergent Gratitude for a perfect partner on an Icelandic cycle tour © Luke Sergent

Luke Sergent’s entry is this fabulous technicolour snap from the waterfall at Seljalandsfoss. We love the vibrancy of the green grass in the sunshine, and how the falls are softly blurred in the background, providing a suitable spectacle for Luke and his companion. However, we’re left wondering who took the photo…?

Prayers and Thanks - cherylcrawley Colourful prayer flags amassing around a pole in the Tibetan capital © cherylcrawley

This colourful shot from cherylcrawley's travels in Tibet rounds out the competition results. The rainbow collection of prayer flags sits around a pole in Barkhor Square, Lhasa, and we love how the zoomed focus gives us the opportunity to examine the texts, images and fabric from close up.

This week's staff pick

Thanks / Marseille - buiobuione Bachelorette celebrations along the French Riviera © buiobuione

This candid shot from buiobuione, snapped in Marseille, is our staff pick. We love the joy and emotion captured, and we also appreciate how the framing concentrates purely on the ladies as they celebrate an enterrement de vie de jeune fille (literally translated as ‘burial of life as a young girl’) – the French bachelorette tradition, which can include the burial of a symbolic coffin containing souvenirs from the woman’s ‘past life’. What a wonderfully happy moment – we can’t help but smile with them!

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Quandary’ and our final challenge of 2016 will be ‘Ten’, celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Flickr community.

Interested in joining in? We’re accepting entries in the ‘Ten’ challenge until Tuesday 13 December, and it’s your last chance to take part this year – visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!