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Flickr challenge: ‘Horizon’ theme results

Every week we invite photographers to participate in our Flickr photo challenge, submitting their best travel images to suit a stated theme.

The most recent challenge theme was ‘Horizon’. Here are some of the best shots as voted by our community.

This week's winner

Industry at the horizon - gornabanja A wrong turn taken on the way to a nature reserve in Andalucia, Spain © gornabanja

Although the subject matter isn’t inherently beautiful, we love the colour transition in gornabanja’s photo, with the gradual merging of the flecked brown water into the reflected blue of the sky. As our eyes travel slowly from bottom to top, the dark smear of industry on the horizon almost seems to float in mid-air, making for a thought-provoking and unusual shot.

This week's runners-up

Sunrise at Salar de Uyuni - Piotr_PopUp Up at 5am to catch the sunrise at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia © Piotr_PopUp

Piotr_PopUp has perfectly captured the unadulterated beauty of the world’s largest salt flats, with nothing more than the rising sun framed centrally on the horizon. We particularly like how the sun’s rays accent the edges of the salt patterns, making the whole scene appear to glitter slightly.

The earth is flat indeed - De Wet Moolman A lone acacia tree stands guard on the Etosha salt pan, Namibia © De Wet Moolman

This shot from De Wet Moolman, taken in Etosha National Park, really impresses us with its clean composition. The single tree helps us understand the scale of this incredible national park with its sparse vegetation, and we think the careful balance of land and sky in the photo works well to complete the effect.

Sun setting above Phi Phi Islands - hsadura The Phi Phi Islands in silhouette at sunset, taken from Ko Lanta, Thailand © hsadura

We love the ghostly, mysterious feeling captured by hsadura in this evocative image of a Thai sunset. The band of smoky orange clouds at the top of the photo are perfectly mirrored by the band of sea below, and the sun seems to float weightlessly between the two.

The Beauty Of Nothingness - v-_-v Endless salt flats stretch into the distance at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia © v-_-v

Another stunning photo from Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, this time from v-_-v. We really appreciate how well-defined the natural hexagonal salt structures are from this angle, giving lots of small details for a viewer to enjoy before their eyes are eventually led up to the horizon and the tantalising hilltops in the far distance.

Sunset - Cranamanor13 Uluru (Ayers Rock) stands majestic on the horizon at sunset © Cranamanor13

Cranamanor13 has done a wonderful job capturing this iconic shot of Uluru (Ayers Rock). The sheer scale can be seen from the difference in colour between the two sides of the image, as the last rays of daylight light the sky with orange and pink hues on the right while twilight creeps up from the horizon on the left.

This week's staff pick

Vanuatu Sunset - thissleepyday Sunset colours reflected in the South Pacific Ocean, near Vanuatu © thissleepyday

Of all the sunset photos from this challenge, this one from thissleepyday stood out for us. The fiery colours give the image an otherworldly feel, and we love the simultaneous sense of movement and stillness created by the swell of the waves and the darker clouds brooding overhead. We doubt the South Pacific looks like this all the time, but this shot really makes us want to travel there and see it for ourselves.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week's theme is ‘Kaleidoscope’. Interested in taking part? Visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!