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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from August 2015


Every month we share the best Instagrams from our Pathfinders community. August's captures have a touch of romance about them – a sense of the sentimental, and span the globe from northern Sweden to the depths of Pakistan's Hunza Valley.



'While Seattle's Union Station is no longer in use as an actual train station (it now houses the head office for Sound Transit), the occasional visitor in its grand hall harks back forlornly to the golden age of rail in America.' - J Lee, dis/embarked

Why we like it: The lovely curve of the ceiling first caught our eye, but it also feels not unlike an Edward Hopper painting, with its two lone characters and that sense of American nostalgia, just as the photographer himself points out. We're also strangely drawn to that microdot-patterned floor!



'The Hunza Valley has to be one of the most beautiful places anywhere on earth. There's an array of mountains to climb in the area, and the sunsets are second to none.' – Lindgren, Unusual Traveler

Why we like it: The contrast between the three groups of colour. The darkness of the earth in the foreground, the cold white, and the blazing apocalyptic sky. And yet, the stillness of the magnificent Karakoram Mountains, and the inviting path in the centre of the image that leads right into them, relaxes us completely and takes our minds to that far-flung place.



'Apart from street food, Penang is fast becoming popular for its interesting street art dotting the back lanes and roadsides, especially in the heritage part of the city. Indeed, street art "hunting" seems to have become one of the things to do whilst in Penang. After all, who can resist taking a photo of stumbled-upon scene like this?' - Ramble and Wander

Why we like it: The clever piece of street art lends itself to a great photo, without a doubt. These kinds of finds are what Instagram is all about. We also like the general composition of the picture. The right angle of the metal poles, the characters on the street sign (plus the green behind the characters that pop out), and the scrambled nature of the exposed brick and old concrete wall.



'I recently spent two weeks in the small Sardinian town of Fluminimaggiore. From trekking and visiting post-industrial sites, to classical music concerts and watching the stars: it's all there in Sardinia! A few nights were spent at Capo Pecora – a place seemingly created for night sky photographers. Shooting stars and the Milky Way were very visible. One evening, with a light breeze from the sea, the overwhelming smell of juniper in the air and the view of the galaxy above my head made me think of the Nicolas Bouvier quote: "I couldn't find anything more to wish for than I had" (The Way of the World).' - Agata Mleczko, NullnFull

Why we like it: How could you not? The brilliant night sky, the glowing embers of light at the bottom of the frame, the romantic silhouette of the couple (who, expertly aren't dead centre, but slightly positioned to the right of the frame). A winning combination, especially considering how hard it can be to shoot a crisp image with such low light.

Kungsleden, Sweden


'Part of the Kungsleden trail in Northern Sweden, this trek is one of the best hikes in all of Europe, in my opinion. It takes you through 30 of the oldest national parks in Europe, and leads you to discover some of the most pristine and untouched nature that the continent has to offer.' - Lindgren, Unusual Traveler

Why we like it: Apart from the beautiful setting and the vibrancy of the blues and greens, what made us take a second look at this picture was the sense of scale. Note the two tiny details in the bottom left hand corner: the signpost, and the two people at the water's edge. This made us reassess the sublime nature of the setting and enjoy the picture even more. (We wonder what those two adventurous souls were talking about!)

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