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Pathfinder pics: Fraser Island, Australia


LP Pathfinders Caz and Craig of Y Travel Blog recently visited Fraser Island, Australia, documenting their travels on Instagram. Here some highlights from the trip, plus a travel tip or two, in their own words.

'Stretching over 120km, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Created hundreds of thousands of years ago from sand that drifted over from mainland Australia, breathtaking freshwater lakes, shimmering creeks and patches of lush rainforest are found at every turn. The island is great for wildlife spotters too; the purest dingos in Australia can be found on the island and just across the bay on the mainland is Hervey Bay, one of the best places in Australia to see migrating humpback whales.

With so much natural raw beauty on offer, our adventurous family getaway filled with whales and wonder was never going to disappoint.'

Start your day at sunrise

'Waking up in Hervey Bay, Queensland with this gorgeous sunrise in view was the perfect way to kick off our family adventure. Our first stop was chasing whales before heading over to Fraser Island for some 4x4 beach driving. If you’re after adventure, stunning scenery and wildlife, this stretch of Australia’s East Coast is the place to visit.'

Be patient...

'Unfortunately, our whale-watching tour didn’t quite go to plan. Our boat had engine trouble which meant we sat idle for 90 minutes in the bay, just hanging out. Teasingly, we could see some whales way off in the distance and for a moment we thought the only ones we would be seeing up close were those in our LP guidebook! But never fear, there was a happy ending in store for us…'

Whales are worth the wait!

'As soon as our boat was fixed, we sped off, quickly discovering why Hervey Bay is known as one of the best whale-watching areas in Australia! The whales came to play right alongside our boat and one even breached about 10 times in a row. Needless to say, our return trip to the bay was spent in quiet, gleeful wonder.'

Swap the commute for nature’s expressway

'75 Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful and exciting highways in Australia, if not the world. We took a slow drive along the stretch of sand and saw lots of amazing sights along the way: breaching whales, dingos playing, tempting champagne pools and crystal clear creeks. This shot is the view from Indian Head.'

Swim in champagne pools

'The stairs to paradise... introducing the Champagne Pools. As the only spot for safe ocean swimming on Fraser Island, these shallow, sandy pools are very popular, but definitely worth visiting. Strong waves crash over the rocks creating a foam – which is where its name originates from. Believe it or not, we were visiting in the winter season, although as we basked in the sun, we could hardly believe it ourselves!'

Go inland for some wicked ancient sand trails

'The 4x4 beach driving on Fraser Island is superb, but the inland sand tracks through the forest are just as much fun and equally as beautiful. It’s incredible to see the rainforest growing on sand dunes – Lake McKenzie and Wanggoolba Creek are two inland spots that are well worth seeking out.'

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