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LP Pathfinders: top posts from May 2015

Toronto skyline. Image by Naeem Jaffer / Moment / Getty image Toronto skyline. Image by Naeem Jaffer / Moment / Getty Images

From the historic labyrinthine streets of Venice to the ancient landscapes of Western Australia, this month our Pathfinders have been seeking out natural beauty, tasty local treats and travel bargains with gusto. Here are some of the best stories we saw in May.

Sydney's coolest cafes and coffee shops - Jayne Gorman

Discover six of the coolest cafes and coffee shops in Sydney through the eyes of local (wannabe) coffee aficionado, Jayne Gorman. From converted warehouses to corner cafes and colourful cronuts - Jayne presents her top picks for coffee and cake in this cafe-packed city.

Jayne is an accidental travel blogger who recently relocated to Sydney. Follow her blog at girltweetsworld.com

10 free things to do in Toronto this summer - Marie-France Roy

Toronto isn't the cheapest place to visit, but Marie has some tips up her sleeve to help travellers enjoy a budget-friendly break in this diverse lakeside city.

Marie is a flashpacker whose goal is to visit 100 countries. Follow her blog at bigtravelnut.com

Eight incredible places you can't miss in Western Australia - Oksana Simakina

Unlike the popular east coast of the country, travellers don’t often explore Western Australia much beyond Perth and its surroundings, but there are lots of reasons why they should. This post - and its brilliant photographs - helps explain why the west is worth a visit.

Originally from Ukraine, Oksana has lived in Canada, China and Australia. Follow her blog at drinkteatravel.com

Just one street over: a cicchetti and wine tour of Venice - Terri Coad

A discovery of Venice through its hidden bàcari - little wine bars tucked away just off the tourist trail, though very much in the heart of the floating city. It is in these bàcari that Venice's food culture truly thrives. Terri joined local day-tour company Urban Adventures for an extraordinary taste of the real Venice.

Terri is a foodie wanderluster with a serious sweet tooth. Follow her blog at littlewanderings.com

How to find cheap and free accommodation around the world - Aileen Adalid

Aileen has compiled an incredibly comprehensive guide to finding cheap travel digs around the world. Try your hand at house-sitting (pets included!), volunteering at an organic farm or getting to know the locals at a homestay.

Aileen is a digital nomad currently based in Antwerp. Follow her blog at iamaileen.com

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