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Road Trips: the winning picture

Our independent judge has been busy assessing the final picture selection of our Road Trips photo competition and has now finally reached a verdict.

Before we reveal the winning entry, let's have a look at the 5 runner ups (in no particular order):

Car standing on a cliff1. Top of the World trail in Moab, Utah. Just one of the many breathtaking stops on a cross country road trip with 5 of my best friends in our modified Jeep Cherokee’s – Samuel M.

Sun setting on sand dunes2. Sunset Safari through dazzling dubai dunes (Dubai, UAE) – Anne S.

Taxis and trams on a busy Calcutta road3. Yellow Ambassadors and Tram Rule the Calcutta tradition and the Roads – Saurabh S.

Man riding alone on road4. I clicked this picture of a fellow rider early morning on our ride in Nepal. This is one of my favourite picture, it perfectly captures the motorcycle travel romanticism – Jitendra B.

Campervan in the Patagonia5. In the Heart of Patagonia during the 2nd trip to South-America – Gyoengyi F.

All of the above will receive a copy of a Lonely Planet travel guide of their choice. Congratulations!

And without further ado, let's reveal the winning entry of our Road Trips photo competition:

Bike standing atop of HimalayasA motorcycle ride across the Himalayas! Congratulations to Rajan S. who sent this picture of a rare roadside view of the 22km long Drang-Drung-Glacier, 11,000fts above sea level in Zanskar Valley (Indian Himalayas). This is what our independent judge Callum had to say about this entry and why he chose it as the winner: "A glaciers journey leaves its indelible mark on the landscape and in many ways a great road trip does the same to those of us lucky enough to go on one. This great shot captures where the two collide. Now where’s my Steppenwolf album?".

Well done, Rajan. A Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone will be making its way to you very soon. Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and keep an eye on our Facebook page for any future contests.