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Winter from your window: our top 20 picks

Lonely Planet's Winter from your Window competition, where we encouraged our followers to submit pictures of what they could see from their windows via our Facebook page, closed recently. We have had a great response, with a total of 411 pictures submitted between the 16th and 31st of January. The standard of the competition was so high, we have had to mull it over for several days - some members of the judging panel even consulted with their pillows before reaching a conclusion...

Some of you interpreted "taking a picture from your window" loosely, so we got some entries from people sending pictures from hotel windows, car windows, gas platform windows (!) - even some from people who live in houses with no windows!

We wanted to show you a selection of some of the best submissions, so check out the following 20 - they are listed in no particular order. We will be picking the winner and runner ups shortly from amongst them (watch this space and our Facebook page for updates):

Swiss Alps landscape

1. The sun is rising outside my window in Chur, in the middle of the Swiss alps - Marco L.

Copenhagen landscape2. Sunrise close to North Pole, Copenhagen - Amit O.

Oslo landscape3. January light in Oslo, Norway - Audun Bakke A.

Winter sunset4. A Winter Sunset in Wales - Laura H.

Beach hut and bay landscape5. Does it count if I don't have any walls, therefore, no windows? View from my lovely beach hut, Koh Phayam, Thailand - Erin M.

Landscape of skyscrapers in the mist6. City in the sky - Yiu Lee M.

Snow falling over rooftops in Belgrade7. The first snow of the season falling over Belgrade, Serbia, on a misty afternoon in January - Maria A.

Barren landscape in Lithuania8. Winter in Lithuania. View from my window at home - Darius A.

Misurina frozen lake9. Misurina frozen lake, Italian dolomites (Veneto) - Federica G.

Winter landscape from behind window10. Winter in British Columbia from my desk... - Jo B.

Misty lake11. The fantastic view that i have from my window in Lac Leman, Vaud Swtizerland - Hin Kwan F.

Town engulfed in blizzard12. The view from my window in Bolungarvík, the northernmost village in the Westfjords of Iceland - Gústaf G.

Lighting striking over beach13. Cambodian Winter at Serendipity Beach. A monsoonal storm passes over the Sihanoukville coastline as lightning strikes the islands of Koh Russei and Koh Praeus - Anthony F.

Gas Platform in Northern Sea14. At the Troll C platform in the North Sea - Kare L.

Skyline over Barcelona15. This is what I see from my office...lots of plane trails, lots people comming or leaving BCN...and I find myself wondering which will be my next destination! - Ignacio A.

Sunset landscape16. There is something about this view spot from my window in Abu Halifa, Kuwait. Perhaps, the dramatic sunset during winter here. I can write poems and songs with endless words from this composition - Vergel B.

Snowed landscape17. South of Germany, "Schwäbische Alb" - Katharina F.

Sunset picture from inside window18. This was taken during work in my office in Vilnius (Lithuania) - about a week ago. It made me realize, that some of the clouds are made in our city by people themselves... - Eglė S.

Northern Lights reflecting on houses19. Magical Northern lights show! and just out of my window :) It was taken on the night of 22.January in Aurland, Norway. So powerful it was that even down in the west part of Norway could it be seen - Fabiola S.

Sunset reflected in window20. Chilly winds, and usually cloudy. Today, finally, I could capture the January sun in my window's reflection, less than an hour before sunset - Peter D.

Which one is your favourite?