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Stepping out: your favourite cities to walk around

One of the best ways to get to know a place is one of the easiest - just walk around it. So we asked you: What are your favourite cities to walk around?

You voted for 186 different cities. London topped the list, closely followed by New York City, Paris, Rome, then Prague.

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Si Braybrooke explained the attraction of walking London: 'East London is amazing to walk around, especially as you have the sights and sounds of real history and then as you approach Tower Hill and the Thames the rest of the city opens up to you.' London's win, however, was conditional on the weather. Samraat Dash, for example, writes: 'London when the sun's out.'

Another voter, Scott Chalmers, explained what makes the top walking cities so attractive: 'Rome, Barcelona, Florence, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris.... All with lots to see and do centrally with walking a good way to do it.'

Here's the top 20 walking cities (according to popular vote):

1. London
3. Paris
4. Rome
5. Prague
9. Boston
10. Venice
11. Istanbul
12. Sydney
13. Florence
14. Berlin
16. Edinburgh
17. Melbourne
18. Lisbon
19. Hong Kong
20. Singapore

As you can see, Italy and the USA had three contenders each in the top 20, so head to the Boot or the States if you want to walk cities. Here's a Word Cloud of all the cities nominated (the larger the name, the more votes it received):

What do you think? Do you think London deserves the most votes? Or are there other cobbled-lane alternatives you'd prefer to spend wandering? Perhaps they're one of our top 6 cities to get lost in?