Lonely Planet Writer

Top ten destinations

The last seven days have been hugely enjoyable for the digital teams based in Melbourne, London and Oakland. After ten months of planning and preparation the new site has been available to users and commercial partners alike.

The response has been very positive.

We have been working through the comments and the statistics to work to make sure we make the appropriate changes the site. We have a lot of requests for new features and functionality: thankfully many of them are in process now. We also have umpteen recommendations in terms of making the site easier to use. You will start to see tomorrow the start of our attempt to address those issues when we launch a guide to using our Trip Planner. There are more changes planned in the coming days. I doubt if you will notice many of them but hopefully they will improve the overall experience.

I thought I would share with you one interesting statistic - the top ten destinations. With so much more content on the new site it is not surprising that the make-up of the list has changed.

The old list was headed by Thailand, Italy, Costa Rica and India.

The top of the new list is similar - Thailand, Italy, India and Costa Rica. But that is where the list changes shape. The next six most popular destinations on the new site are Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, Peru, Argentina and Denmark. The surprising names on that list are Peru and Denmark.

As we start to understand how the new site is being used, I'll share more information.