Sisichhum Heritage Home

Western Bhutan

This charming centuries-old farmhouse is worth a quick stop. The 19th Druk Desi was born here in 1788, one of three to be born into the family, who have lived here for 11 generations. A traditional manor house experience, here you can see wooden grain storage bins, old leather bags and a fine altar room, or ask your guide to book a lunch here.

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1. Royal Botanical Garden

7.09 MILES

Above the Thimphu–Paro road at Serbithang, the Royal Botanical Garden is a little untidy but there are rock sculptures, water features, ornamental beds,…

2. Buddha Dordenma

7.77 MILES

The huge 51m-tall steel statue of Buddha Dordenma commands the entry to the Thimphu valley. The massive three-storey base houses a large chapel full of…

3. Talakha Goemba

7.92 MILES

Poised high above Simtokha Dzong at 3080m, this 15th-century goemba offers spectacular views over the peaks to the north and south of the capital and…

4. Tshenden Incense Factory

8.35 MILES

Just 1km from Bondey is this family-run incense factory, undergoing a multistorey expansion at the time of research. Get your guide to check in advance if…

5. Simtokha Dzong

8.47 MILES

About 5km south of Thimphu on the old road to Paro and Phuentsholing, the handsomely proportioned Simtokha Dzong was built in 1629 by Zhabdrung Ngawang…

6. Pelri Goemba

8.82 MILES

A 15-minute uphill hike (or short drive) above Tago village, just southeast of Paro, is the small Pelri Goemba, a rare Nyingmapa-school chapel that was…

7. National Memorial Chorten

8.87 MILES

This large chorten is one of the most visible landmarks in Thimphu, and for many Bhutanese it is the focus of daily worship. The Tibetan-style stupa was…

8. Tago Lhakhang

8.88 MILES

In the centre of tiny Bondey village, on the east side of the Paro Chhu, beside the main road near the Bondey bridge, is this charming and unusually…