Novice hood initiation in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Tago Lhakhang


In the centre of tiny Bondey village, on the east side of the Paro Chhu, beside the main road near the Bondey bridge, is this charming and unusually-shaped temple, founded by Thangtong Gyalpo. A circular chapel occupies the upper floor but access can be tricky; ask for the key at the next-door Tharpala General Shop if the caretaker is not around.

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Nearby Paro attractions

1. Pelri Goemba

0.09 MILES

A 15-minute uphill hike (or short drive) above Tago village, just southeast of Paro, is the small Pelri Goemba, a rare Nyingmapa-school chapel that was…

2. Bondey Lhakhang

0.18 MILES

Just past the turn-off to the Cheli La, on the west bank of the river in Bondey village, is this little-visited 400-year-old temple.

3. Tshenden Incense Factory

0.53 MILES

Just 1km from Bondey is this family-run incense factory, undergoing a multistorey expansion at the time of research. Get your guide to check in advance if…

4. Khangkhu Lhakhang


This small village temple is not high on most travellers' lists, but it's a pleasant enough place, on the west bank of the Paro Chhu near several tourist…

5. Dzongdrakha Goemba

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The visually splendid but little-visited cliffside retreat of Dzongdrakha Goemba is one of several local sites where Guru Rinpoche did battle with local…

6. Zuri Dzong

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Zuri Dzong was built in 1352 as a fort and the five-storey main building is still well protected by double walls and a bridge. There are some particularly…

7. Gönsaka Lhakhang

2.46 MILES

This charming temple on the hillside above Paro actually predates Paro Dzong. Don't miss the meditation cave of Pha Drun Drung, the founder of the dzong…

8. Nyamai Zam


Below Paro Dzong, this traditional wooden covered bridge is a reconstruction of an older bridge, which was washed away in a flood in 1969. Earlier…