Pretty view of Turtle Bay Beach on the island of Bermuda in the Caribbean.  The photo shows the beautiful pink sand beach and calm blue green coloured water with islands out in front.  The beach is on Cooper's Island conservation area, near Clearwater Beach.

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Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

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Bermudians were granted access to this 77-acre nature reserve made up of woodland, unspoiled beaches, salt marsh and rocky shores when the US Navy pulled out in 1995. Nature trails run through a mixed woodland of remaining Bermuda cedars and olivewoods, mixed with introduced growths of Brazilian pepper and allspice. The seven beaches are tranquil and good for snorkeling, and the salt marsh is a vital habitat for herons, kingfishers and giant land crabs.

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1. Turtle Beach

0.16 MILES

This small, appealing sandy beach is adjacent to Clearwater Beach and has a lifeguard on duty during the summer months.

2. Clearwater Beach


This long crescent of white sand is particularly popular with local families due to its shallow, calm waters.

3. Nonsuch Island

0.36 MILES

Bermuda national bird, the cahow, was thought to have become extinct in 1620 until living cahows were found in 1951. Nonsuch Island, just west of Cooper's…

4. St David's Lighthouse

0.84 MILES

One of Bermuda's two lighthouses, St David's was allegedly erected in 1879 to deter the enterprising local 'wreckers,' who'd deliberately light fires in…

5. Carter House

1.36 MILES

One of the oldest buildings in Bermuda, this sloping whitewashed cottage was built in 1640 by the children of Christopher Carter, a member of the Sea…

6. Alexandra Battery

1.97 MILES

This 1840s fort, with its four immense surviving guns, overlooks a particularly picturesque stretch of coast from its vantage point on the southeast tip…

7. Deliverance

2.16 MILES

Sitting pretty by the market wharf in the center of St George's town, the Deliverance is a lifesize replica of the original ship – one of two built by the…

8. World Heritage Centre

2.21 MILES

This cannon-flanked museum walks you through through the history of St George's, with dioramas and displays on Bermuda's role in the Revolutionary Wars…