Horseshoe Bay A perfect horseshoe of pink sand, popular with cruise-ship passengers.

Jobson's Cove Secluded pink-sand cove with calm waters off the South Shore.

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve Five secluded beaches linked by footpaths; good for snorkeling.

Elbow Beach A long stretch of pristine white sand along the South Shore.

Church Bay Sheltered pink-sand cove and lush clifftop park above.

West Whale Bay Little visited, appealing cove, surrounded by lush greenery.


Royal Naval Dockyard The biggest fortification of them all, complete with prison and Bermuda's best museum.

Fort St Catherine Explore the battlements, museum and subterranean tunnels of Bermuda's best-preserved fort on the tip of St George's.

Fort Hamilton Stellar views of the city of Hamilton and lush moat gardens.

Fort Scaur Intact battlements and stellar vistas over Great Sound.

Whale Bay Fort Great hilltop views over Sandy and Southampton parishes.

Alexandra Battery Big WWII guns and a secluded little beach off the east coast of St George's.

Ferry Point National Park Three forts for the price of one: Martello Tower, Burnt Point Fort and Ferry Island Fort.

Historic Buildings

National Museum of Bermuda Bermuda's rich history is showcased in the historic Commander's House and 19th-century barracks.

Verdmont Museum Gorgeous 18th-century mansion full of antique furniture and with great views of the South Shore.

Carter House Explore the seafaring and whaling history of St David's inside this sloping 17th-century cottage.

St Peter's Church St George's oldest church, complete with separate graveyard for slaves.

Cobb's Hill Methodist Church Historic church, built at night by slaves and free blacks.

Camden House An 18th-century Georgian mansion in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens – the Prime Minister's official residence.

Water Sports

Dive Bermuda Go underwater with Bermuda's premier diving outfit.

AXIS Bermuda Fly on a wakeboard behind a state-of-the-art speedboat.

Calico Jack's Try your hand at unusual water sports, from hydrobiking to flyboarding.

Daniel's Head Beach Park Paddle your way around a shipwreck on a standup paddleboard or kayak.

Island Winds Learn to kitesurf, windsurf or wakeboard with this experienced board-sports specialist.

Blue Water Divers Investigate the West End's wrecks with this professional outfit.

Hartley's Undersea Adventures Commune with the fish while wearing a 1940s diving helmet.