With its famous pink-sand beaches, pastel-colored houses trimmed with bougainvillea, and a melange of British, African, Portuguese and Caribbean cultures, balmy Bermuda is a favorite for sunny getaways year-round.

The island ticks all the boxes for a tropical escape. Bermuda's eclectic, colorful heritage is reflected in its food, art and music, and there are plenty of ways to get active in the sun, when you aren't enjoying the stunning beaches.

Whether you’re coming by cruise ship or plane, entering and leaving Bermuda is relatively straightforward, but requirements vary depending on your nationality. Here's a guide to Bermuda’s entry requirements, from info on visas to details on how to apply for temporary residency and permission to work in Bermuda.

Pastel-colored houses on rocks in Bermuda
Bermuda is sandy beaches and pastel houses on rocky bluffs © Cavan Images / Getty Images

Visiting Bermuda without a visa

You can visit Bermuda without a visa or permit if you’re a British, or a citizen of the US or Canada, regardless of whether you come to Bermuda as a tourist, business traveler or work permit holder. All you need is a passport (valid for the proposed duration of your stay) plus tickets for return or onward travel.

There's some small print. Travel tickets must show the Booking Reference Number, destination and departure date and time, and you must also produce a valid visa for the country you are traveling to next (if one is needed). Note that credit-card-sized US passport cards are not accepted for air travel – you'll need your actual paper passport.

How can other nationalities visit Bermuda?

As of 2014, Bermuda no longer issues entry visas or visa waivers to visitors, regardless of nationality or purpose of their visit. However, if you’re a citizen of any other country besides the UK, Canada or the United States, you must show a valid passport, return or onward tickets and proof that you have the right to re-enter either the US, UK or Canada (depending on your port of transit), since you will have to pass through one of these three countries to reach Bermuda.

This proof may take the form of a Multi Re-Entry Visa (MRV), if one is required to enter the UK, US or Canada. Proof that you can re-enter these countries is required even if you are just passing through the airport to catch a connecting flight to Bermuda. MRVs and passports must be valid for at least 45 days past the expiration of your stay in Bermuda. You may also be asked to show proof of booked accommodation for your stay.

A view of beach umbrellas and sand at Elbow Beach, Bermuda
Sand as fine as sugar is a Bermuda trademark © Mark Edward Harris / Getty Images

Requirements for permanent residents

If you’re a permanent resident of the US, UK or Canada, rather than a citizen, on arrival in Bermuda you must produce proof of right of abode in one of the three countries. British and Canadian residents must show a Permanent Resident Card, while those living in the US need to show either a Permanent Residence Card (Green Card) or an original certificate of US naturalization, as well as some government-issued photo ID.

Return or onward tickets and a passport valid for 45 days beyond your booked departure date from Bermuda are additional entry requirements. If you’re a woman traveling under your married name, but your identification is under your maiden name, you must also produce a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

How long can tourists stay in Bermuda?

The maximum length of stay for tourists has been extended to 180 days as of August 1, 2020. To extend your stay beyond this 180-day maximum, you'll have to request annual residency from the Department of Immigration.

The application process for residency involves placing a sealed envelope in the dropbox on the 2nd floor of the Government Administration Building outside the Department of Immigration Headquarters at 30 Parliament Street in Hamilton.

Full details and application forms are available online, but the envelope must contain the following supporting documents:

  • a completed Application for Residence Form
  • proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay (such as a recent bank statement)
  • proof of health insurance covering the requested residency period
  • an official police certificate from your country of residence confirming that you have no criminal record
  • proof of online payment of the US$263 processing fee
Father and son kayaking at Fort Hamilton, Bermuda
The clear waters of Bermuda are great for snorkeling, diving and kayaking © Raul Rosa / 500px

How to work in Bermuda

Until recently, working in Bermuda required a work permit and a job offer from a Bermuda-based company. However, from August 1, 2020, Bermuda has been offering special "Work from Bermuda" residency certificates, valid for up to a year, to digital nomads and students of all nationalities who wish to either work or study remotely while based on the island.

The online application costs US$263, and applicants must be over 18 years old, with valid health insurance and a clean criminal record. You'll need to present evidence that you are employed by a legitimate company, or enrolled in a recognized study program, and have a continuous source of income.

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