Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk

Northeast Belgium

From the 7th century, the relics of the local saint named St-Trudo made Sint-Truiden a major medieval pilgrimage centre. These relics are now housed in the treasury of this neo-Gothic church, which has a thousand-year history, though it dates in its current form to reconstructions from the 14th, 16th and mid-19th centuries.

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1. Abdijtoren

0.06 MILES

This unrefined seven-storey tower is the most significant remnant of the former St-Trudo abbey church, dating partly from the 11th century but left as a…

2. Festraets Studio

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This working collection of four 1930s mechanical wonders is charmingly old-fashioned if far too slow-paced for most modern attention spans. The highlight…

3. Begijnhofkerk

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The 1258 Begijnhofkerk is fascinating for its wooden barrel-vaulted ceiling and the contrast between sparse elements of contemporary art and the 38…

4. Stadhuis

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Opposite St-Leonarduskerk, the old town hall building is a 19th-century faux-medieval delight with majestic pre-Raphaelite murals in the ground-floor hall…

5. St-Leonarduskerk

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Partly dating to the 13th century, St-Leonarduskerk is topped with a fanciful tower reminiscent of a galleon’s crow’s nest. Miraculously, given Zoutleeuw…

6. Grimde Necropolis

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Push open the door of this 13th-century former church and you'll see not pews but the flower-decked graves of 145 brave Belgians who died in August 1914…

7. Drie Tumuli

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The most unique evocation of Tienen's rich Roman heritage is this trio of grave mounds commemorating Marcus Probius Burrus. Left overgrown for a century…

8. Nationaal Jenevermuseum

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Hasselt has been at the centre of the jenever (gin) industry since the 17th century, and this beautifully restored 19th-century distillery houses a…