Musée Hergé

Top choice in Wallonia

The inventive and touchingly nostalgic Hergé Museum celebrates the multitalented creator of comic-strip hero Tintin with an engaging, inventive and extensive display. Highlights include numerous models, pictures and source materials assembled by the artist to ensure the accuracy of his sketches. There's an entertaining audioguide. Note the original triptych portrait of Hergé by Andy Warhol, for whom Tintin was a cited influence. The gift shop is worth a peek too.

The museum’s unique architecture alone is worth the visit: an abstract glass-and-concrete boat-shaped creation filled with multistorey geometrical forms slashed through with a central ‘light chasm’ filling the structure with intriguing angles and views.

Driving, it's best to park (for free) on the N250 just above town. From there's it's a short downhill stroll to the museum. The museum is also a short walk from the bus and train stations.

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