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Bruges’ delightful begijnhof dates from the 13th century. Despite the hordes of summer tourists, remains a remarkably tranquil haven. Outside the 1776 gateway bridge lies a tempting (if predictably tourist-priced) array of terraced restaurants, lace shops and waffle peddlers.

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1. Ten Wijngaarde

0.04 MILES

Just inside the main entrance of the begijnhof this is a charming 17th-century house now converted into an endearing little four-room museum. In the…

2. Brouwerij De Halve Maan


Founded in 1856, though there has been a brewery on the site since 1564, this is the last family brouwerij (brewhouse) in central Bruges. Multilingual, 45…

4. Diamantmuseum

0.17 MILES

While Antwerp is now the centre of the diamond industry, the idea of polishing the stones with diamond ‘dust’ was originally pioneered in Bruges. This is…

5. Museum Sint-Janshospitaal

0.18 MILES

In the restored chapel of a 12th-century hospital building with superb timber beamwork, this museum shows various torturous-looking medical implements,…

6. Minnewater

0.18 MILES

Known in English as the 'Lake of Love', the Minnewater harks back to Bruges' medieval heyday. This waterway was once a dock; ships from as far afield as…

8. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk

0.22 MILES

Dominating its surrounds, this 13th-century church was reopened in 2015 after extensive renovations. Its enormous 115m spire is unmissable throughout much…