Qala Ethnographic Museum Complex


This impressive open-air park-museum features several furnished, traditional-style Abşeron buildings – such as a house, blacksmith's forge, potters' workshop. Some are originals while others are reconstructions, and all are set amid a wide range of archaeological finds and petroglyphs. There's minimal shade so visiting in mid-summer can be exhausting.

The easiest way to get here is on an excursion sold at the ticket booth of Baku's Maiden's Tower and departing at 3pm from outside the old city's double gates (AZN15 return, around three hours total).

By public transport, Türkan-bound bus 101 from Baku’s Ulduz metro passes within 300m of the museum complex. Walk west along Sülh street to find it. Bus 182 loops from Qala round to Mərdəkən.

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