Lahıc History Museum


This quaint little one-room collection of cultural artefacts is housed in a 1902 former mosque next door to the tourist office. Posted opening times are very approximate.

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1. Hüseynov Küç

0.12 MILES

Lahıc’s pedestrianised main street is unevenly paved with smooth pale river-stones and lined with older houses built traditionally with interleaving stone…

2. Zərnava Bridge


This spindly suspension footbridge was designed to help villagers reach the hamlet of Zərnava but these days its users are mostly selfie-snapping tourists…

3. Dəmirçi Arxeologiya Muzeyi


This stylishly designed, relatively well-endowed little museum, opened in August 2018, attractively displays several antique grave sites and finds from…

4. Rəsədxana

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Azerbaijan's world-class observatory, founded in 1966, currently has six large telescopes beneath archetypal silver domes, most now automated. By paying a…

5. İvanovka

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Although lacking any real 'sights', this unique hilltop village is culturally Russian-Molokan and is about the last place in the country to maintain its…

6. Şamaxı Grand Mosque

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Azerbaijan's 'oldest' and most splendid mosque has been a place of Islamic worship since 743 AD, and although though the current version dates mostly from…

7. Cek

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The minuscule village of Cek (pronounced 'Jek') is just a handful of farmsteads around a rocky knob that protrudes from a sweep of grassy mountainside…

8. Çaygoșan

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One of the most dramatic stretches of the Quba–Xınalıq road starts when it enters a deep, narrow canyon at around Km 34.5. It emerges over 2km later at an…