Dəmirçi Arxeologiya Muzeyi

This stylishly designed, relatively well-endowed little museum, opened in August 2018, attractively displays several antique grave sites and finds from those sites' excavations, but nothing's in English. In the same complex are souvenir shops and a teahouse while at the end of this collection of pseudo-ancient buildings is Dəmirçi's tiny but classic local-style mosque with wooden-pillar-frontage and square-plan stone minaret. Signs claim that it originally dates from 755 AD but it was essentially rebuilt in 2017.

If you're driving to Lahıc by the scenic-backroad route via Pirqulu, you'll pass the museum after 28km. You'll also pass the Şamaxı Safari Park entrance, though at the time of research that was not open to casual drop-in visitors.