The Minoritenkirche is a 13th-century Gothic church that later received a baroque facelift. The stubby edifice was ‘shortened’ (ie partially destroyed) by the Turks in 1529. The most noteworthy piece inside is a mosaic copy of da Vinci’s Last Supper, commissioned by Napoleon. Sunday services are held at 8.30am in German and 11am in Italian. The church is used for occasional classical concerts and choir recitals throughout the year – see the website's calendar for details.

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Nearby Vienna attractions

1. Globenmuseum


Part of the Nationalbibliothek collection of museums, along with the Esperantomuseum and Papyrusmuseum, where admission covers all three and audio guides…

2. Esperantomuseum


The oft-overlooked Esperantomuseum is mostly devoted to the artificial language created by Dr Ludvik Zamenhof in 1887. The first book in Esperanto, by Dr…

3. Sisi Museum

0.13 MILES

Inside the Kaiserappartements, the Sisi Museum is devoted to Austria’s Empress Elisabeth, affectionately known as Sisi. A partial reconstruction of her…

4. Volksgarten

0.13 MILES

Spreading out between the Burgtheater and Heldenplatz, the Volksgarten is great for relaxing among dignified rose bushes and even more dignified statues…

5. Kaiserappartements

0.13 MILES

The Kaiserappartements, once the official living quarters of Franz Josef I and Empress Elisabeth, are dazzling in their chandelier-lit opulence. The Sisi…

6. Silberkammer

0.14 MILES

The largest silver service of the Silberkammer at the Kaiserappartements can cater to 140 dinner guests. Multilingual audio guides are included in the…

7. Loos Haus

0.15 MILES

Designed by Adolf Loos, this modernist gem put Franz Josef’s nose seriously out of joint when it was completed in 1911. Its intentionally simple facade…

8. Burgtheater

0.15 MILES

This stately Renaissance-style theatre sits with aplomb on the Ringstrasse. Designed by Gottfried Semper and Karl von Hasenauer and completed in 1888, it…